Thursday, 30 June 2011

Well, hello.

I've not posted on here for a long long time. A considerable amount of things have changed.

Recently I've felt so happy, only to get some bad news and I'm now watching my world crumble around me, despite attempting to remain positive. Some things you just can't keep hold of.

Whilst filling in a job application today I was asked a question about how my lifestyle differentiated from others and therefore how I was able to adjust to counteract that, which has got me contemplating the world and the way people are. I'm not judgemental, apart from against those who are crude and mean about others; for how they look or what they believe, which I don't believe is a nice way to be. I'm not religious, but I'm respectful of people's beliefs. I am not of any ethnic minority, but to me, everyone is the same. I could turn myself neon green and I'd still be me. Whilst I was sitting in the car on the way home thinking of all the hatred that goes on in the world and the ridiculous reasons it occurs, Martin Luther King's famous speech came across the radio, talking about his dreams of people living in harmony, during a time when racial hatred was strife. During my years at school, on several occasions, we were asked to discuss the speech and create our own "I have a dream...", I don't think I truly understood, back then, the value of what he was trying to express. I still believe that many people don't, and despite it's time, the harmonious peaceful message he was trying to preach is still relevant today in the current climate. To me it's relevance is a disgrace. People should not be judgemental and should not ridicule a person for how they are born, their own lack of choice, but instead, judge them on their actions. If people were to be judged on their actions then I perhaps could try and understand were hatred may originate. A lot of hatred comes from difference and lack of understanding, genocide often does not reflect a physical difference but a difference in belief. If you stood 5 people in a room, a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Sikh, who looked completely identical yet never spoke a word or moved, their actions and their beliefs would never be judged, their appearance never questioned. However, if they expressed their beliefs, you can be assured there will be disagreements. To me this is unfortunate, and I wish I could make the world an accepting place; for people to be kind and caring, instead of spiteful and selfish. Unfortunately, people will judge me and my own morals, but I won't judge them. My beliefs are my beliefs, and I will always be open to listen to other peoples passions.

I don't know why I contemplate these things, but the world is an interesting place and it always will be. The world stops for no man, so I must make haste and go to sleep, for the morning calls and I need to continue on this cruel path of life.