Monday, 11 July 2011


...are on the loose, thundercats are here. I sing this whilst doing the Snoopy Dance.

However, there are actually no thundercats and unfortunately, I'm not Snoopy, despite how many Snoopy branded clothes I have in my possession.

I've decided to take it easy today and do a trial run, well, more like a trial walk, to the train station since I'm not under any pressure and time how long it takes me to get there. Then it's the choo choo off to the parentals house after raiding the piggy bank. (That's a money box shaped like a pig, not a bank run by piggy's, just to be clear. Quite a lot like, if not exactly like, that one there.
<----------------------------------------------------------) How much I'll manage to shake out of it is yet to be discovered, but I need something in the region of £5 or more to get to my destination. Luckily I still have a bus pass for the city my parents live in, which will get me home from train station.

Anyway, once I've done my trial walk, leisurely just to be certain, I will calculate the time and use that as my boundaries incase I ever need to walk to the train station or back.

I woke up at about 4am this morning, I'm not so sure why, and I'm not so sure what kept me awake. However, as you can well imagine, I'm now quite tired and very lethargic as a result. But, I think putting the tunes on whilst I get dressed and a lot of dancing around will sort that out. Hopefully my tiredness will mean I will sleep better tonight. I didn't sleep like a star fish last night, I think this was my downfall.

Whilst I was awake and thinking, I come to realise some things. I won't bore you with the details of what they are, but lets just says it's the first step to a better life for me. Which, of course, is what we all want, so can I hear a huzzah? Thank you.

Well I must get the tunes on and stop sitting around, time to start my trial walk. It's nearly 9:15, so only 9:30 until peak time finishes and the trains magically become cheaper.

POOF! I hereby make travelling by train a third cheaper than 15 minutes ago.

It'll take me as long to get ready, so no worries about a cheaper train... however, just worries about which train to get. To the bat-mobile... or the internet, either one...

Time to get ready.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sitting in bed.

I've managed to complete Monday's task of doing the kitchen, now all that remains of my spring (in the summer, if you can call it that) clean, is the large living room and a hell of a lot of musical furniture.

Now that I've done it, you'd expect more of an easy week, when in fact, it just makes it more confusing. This gives me the conundrum of what to do tomorrow... do I start the living room, then go back and collect my friend from work then head to the parents with little time to spare? or do I get the train to the parents house and await the time for my hair cut, then get picked up late evening?

Either way I can't decide. A. I've no money to get the train in the first place. B. I have no money to do a major round trip back and forth. C. My mind is confused on the best option.

The mother has asked me to go to the shops with her, so perhaps I'll do that if I get muster up the money to get there via train. (Thusly saving petrol).

Anyway, after my cleaning of the kitchen, followed by soup for tea since it was late and I only fancied something light, there are now dishes left in the kitchen. I have come to bed with a cup of tea to read my book (after writing this blog of course). However, the thought of those dishes just sitting there is actually making me anxious. I feel I must go and wash them and put them away, even though it is half past ten at night and my cup of tea will go cold... Can I really just leave them over night and actually get a decent nights sleep? When things are clean, I'm a freak about it, I know, you don't need to tell me.

Ok, lets just forget about the dishes. Instead, I'll drink the tea, read the book, brush the teeth, go to sleep and wake up refreshed... Ready... steady... GO!

Finally! Something to do...

...infact, too much to do.

I've been wanting to get my hair cut for a while now, and given it's the boring graduation on Thursday I thought now's a time is as good as any. I've had the reliable mother onto the hairdresser (who I've been having cut my hair for years, I refuse to go into a shop for various reasons.) The hairdresser said the 25th! THE 25TH?! Too late, so she can do Monday evening... uhm... that's tomorrow. Not as though I have enough to do already. So I've wrote a list.

I love a good list.

So far, we have:-
Monday - Clean the kitchen and haircut.
(I've been on a crazy room by room cleaning spree and all that is left to do is the kitchen and living room. There's been a lot of playing what I like to call 'musical furniture'.)

Tuesday - Living Room (it's a big room, it requires a full days dedication)

Wednesday - Job induction and evening cricket. Hopefully it'll go off without a hitch.

Thursday - Graduation.

Now I realise I've only written "Graduation" for Thursday but if you knew what it entailed, such as a 6am start... you'd probably be feeling like screaming too.

My list has on the back, another list (I said I love a good list), which has the things I will need throughout the week. I'm missing some of those things, which I think are at the parents, so luckily, I can go and collect them tomorrow whilst having a hair cut (not at the same time, obviously).

So, since I've had such an insanely lazy weekend and my body feels like doing a 2 hour performance of river-dance (I can't river dance to save my life) in order to make up for the lack of movement, I've decided it's a good time to make a start on day ones tasks of, the kitchen. So, I'm going to have to start by clearing up the weekend mess and then getting into the cupboards. Luckily no musical furniture, but perhaps musical crockery. Must get on now, time is running out. I may run around a little first to make sure my legs still work.

P.S. There is only one toilet roll left, I must get to the shop asap. Boys just don't understand the desperate needs of a woman to have an ample supply of toilet roll!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Spelling error

I've been informed of my mis-spelling, it is in fact 'psyching'. I knew I was spelling it wrong. Have to read a dictionary some time and enhance my vocabulary.

Faux Pas

I've started to read my friend's recent blog. I find it to be a good source of entertainment. Not that I take joy from the issues in her life (I use the word issues, very lightly), but her blog comes across in a way that makes me smile.

I would say that I was one of the people who knew my friend the very best, so to see her write a blog comes as great interest to me, plus I have the advantage of the deeper meaning.

It's been good news for me this week. I've had the apology I was waiting for, I won't go into any detail, but I think it's about time I was the bigger person in all of this and made the next move. Give a little, take a little. But make sure one doesn't out weigh the other. As well as that I've managed to gain a job, which I have an induction for on Wednesday... so wait for news on that. I'm currently increasingly apprehensive. However, I keep siking (excuse spelling, I'm not sure it's even a real word) myself up that I can do it. Your typical "I can do this" with rocky music playing over in my head... we'll see what happens. Hopefully I won't take my usually disadvantage of chickening out.

Apart from the usual apprehensions of starting a new job (people don't like change), I have the typical faux pas of getting spots before you meet new people. Nice. I'm not one of those people who has been cursed with the traumas of growing up with acne (I'm ginger, that's torment enough), so it's always a shock to me when I get a spot. It's quite a big red visible one... I have a few days for it to go down, wish me luck or I'll have to coat it in make up and embarrass myself.

I tend to make a fool of myself when I meet new people so that will be interesting to blog about after my first day.

I have to say, the day has been a lazy one and I still don't know what I want for tea, so I'm going to try and find some inspiration... and something easy to cook... wish me luck!