Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sitting in bed.

I've managed to complete Monday's task of doing the kitchen, now all that remains of my spring (in the summer, if you can call it that) clean, is the large living room and a hell of a lot of musical furniture.

Now that I've done it, you'd expect more of an easy week, when in fact, it just makes it more confusing. This gives me the conundrum of what to do tomorrow... do I start the living room, then go back and collect my friend from work then head to the parents with little time to spare? or do I get the train to the parents house and await the time for my hair cut, then get picked up late evening?

Either way I can't decide. A. I've no money to get the train in the first place. B. I have no money to do a major round trip back and forth. C. My mind is confused on the best option.

The mother has asked me to go to the shops with her, so perhaps I'll do that if I get muster up the money to get there via train. (Thusly saving petrol).

Anyway, after my cleaning of the kitchen, followed by soup for tea since it was late and I only fancied something light, there are now dishes left in the kitchen. I have come to bed with a cup of tea to read my book (after writing this blog of course). However, the thought of those dishes just sitting there is actually making me anxious. I feel I must go and wash them and put them away, even though it is half past ten at night and my cup of tea will go cold... Can I really just leave them over night and actually get a decent nights sleep? When things are clean, I'm a freak about it, I know, you don't need to tell me.

Ok, lets just forget about the dishes. Instead, I'll drink the tea, read the book, brush the teeth, go to sleep and wake up refreshed... Ready... steady... GO!

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