Monday, 11 July 2011


...are on the loose, thundercats are here. I sing this whilst doing the Snoopy Dance.

However, there are actually no thundercats and unfortunately, I'm not Snoopy, despite how many Snoopy branded clothes I have in my possession.

I've decided to take it easy today and do a trial run, well, more like a trial walk, to the train station since I'm not under any pressure and time how long it takes me to get there. Then it's the choo choo off to the parentals house after raiding the piggy bank. (That's a money box shaped like a pig, not a bank run by piggy's, just to be clear. Quite a lot like, if not exactly like, that one there.
<----------------------------------------------------------) How much I'll manage to shake out of it is yet to be discovered, but I need something in the region of £5 or more to get to my destination. Luckily I still have a bus pass for the city my parents live in, which will get me home from train station.

Anyway, once I've done my trial walk, leisurely just to be certain, I will calculate the time and use that as my boundaries incase I ever need to walk to the train station or back.

I woke up at about 4am this morning, I'm not so sure why, and I'm not so sure what kept me awake. However, as you can well imagine, I'm now quite tired and very lethargic as a result. But, I think putting the tunes on whilst I get dressed and a lot of dancing around will sort that out. Hopefully my tiredness will mean I will sleep better tonight. I didn't sleep like a star fish last night, I think this was my downfall.

Whilst I was awake and thinking, I come to realise some things. I won't bore you with the details of what they are, but lets just says it's the first step to a better life for me. Which, of course, is what we all want, so can I hear a huzzah? Thank you.

Well I must get the tunes on and stop sitting around, time to start my trial walk. It's nearly 9:15, so only 9:30 until peak time finishes and the trains magically become cheaper.

POOF! I hereby make travelling by train a third cheaper than 15 minutes ago.

It'll take me as long to get ready, so no worries about a cheaper train... however, just worries about which train to get. To the bat-mobile... or the internet, either one...

Time to get ready.

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