Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rubbish Dah-tar

In work once again, as usually. Something which the non-working/non-full time people don't seem to comprehend and therefore ask me to do things during work hours and get confused when I repeat that I'm working.

Those people who actually take time to read this blog may be wondering why I'm blogging during work hours again. On hold you say? No. Haven't had a transfer since the end of break, the data is full of answer machines and no answers, so I'm not even talking to anybody. Instead, my work chums and I are singing ridiculous songs in harmony, sort of, in order to keep ourselves entertained and not fall asleep. So far, not succeeding.

I had a phone call from Nigeria today, +2347030885808, it was a lady, we excnahged 3 hellos then I asked who it was and the phone was put down. I originally hung up without answering as I can't answer calls in work, then I had a quick opportunity to answer and that happened. Still none the wiser to who it was/is/could be. Anybody any ideas on the culprit? Didn't think so.

Well, best get back to this rubbish data and see what happens. Maybe move to November soon, doing that makes the year go faster. Halloween soon, wonder what I'll get up to this year... something to think about whilst I'm bored.

Oh, looks like this could be a transfer... watch this space.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sitting on hold

Thought I'd be a bit adventurous (if I've spelt that correctly) and blog in work, ooooh naughty. Spent the last 10 minutes on hold, I think my customer may be feeling abandonment. I hope this isn't a permenant feature.

That there senior agent wants my attention, however being stuck on hold I'm commited to waiting for the good old people in Northern Ireland to pick up and speak to me. They must be super busy, usually is on a Monday - which I've now titled, Miserable Monday.

Finally got through and therefore distracted from my blog, which is a bad thing since I should prioritise work, when you get 70% on quality it's not a positive thing. Silly little mistakes make all the difference so we should have no distracti... oh shiny.

In all seriousness, lets get back to the grindstone (perving on Ola Jordan [James Jordan ain't all that sexy] hehehe)

I have moved the X button on the top bar of my calling system out of my clumsy way, but I've still mananged to close it mid call. Always a tricky situation when you don't know who it is you're speaking to, whoops. Mental notes aren't my strong point.

And just on a side note, I keep looking at the clock when it's ##:39, a smidge creepy now.

It was time to go, but we're back on hold. I've only got another 20 minutes left before I leave for the doctors and enough DM's for a whole call centre (love an exaggeration) so who knows how many more I'll get before home time. Will have to wait and see.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I've noticed

I've noticed that I've not blogged since I've become one of those rare employed people that you don't hear about so often in the news.

I've noticed that I've not much of a life going on what with having a job and being too tired/lazy to do anything when I come home from work. I write this in bed as I anticipate such difficulty getting up in the morning tomorrow, I try to reduce this by coming to bed early, although sitting up and blabbing my thoughts out into a blog isn't conducive for relaxing for bed. Neither is somebody having the tv on so loud you can't hear yourself think (major exaggeration). Although I suppose writing my thoughts down will give me less to think about before bed, which I assure you is a relief.

I noticed, my phone ran out of space for messages, now I've made some space it won't shush up making noise. It's nice to be alerted to the fact somebody cares, such love (probably abuse from my best friend for something or other, in a jolly mockery type of way). Although for it to beep at me sparatically (a word I've made up, which I enjoy to use at every opportunity) is rather bothersome. I hope it stops soon, however I'm yet to read any of the messages. That will be a feat in itself (another exaggeration).

I ought to blog a bit more often now that I've realised I stopped blogging since I got a job, ironic really. However, for now I must go to... that was supposed to follow with bed, but I paused to read those messages and got entranced into replying, such is technology.

Ok, now I will go to bed and I will blog another time.

Goodnight my limited readers.
(i.e. zilch)