Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rubbish Dah-tar

In work once again, as usually. Something which the non-working/non-full time people don't seem to comprehend and therefore ask me to do things during work hours and get confused when I repeat that I'm working.

Those people who actually take time to read this blog may be wondering why I'm blogging during work hours again. On hold you say? No. Haven't had a transfer since the end of break, the data is full of answer machines and no answers, so I'm not even talking to anybody. Instead, my work chums and I are singing ridiculous songs in harmony, sort of, in order to keep ourselves entertained and not fall asleep. So far, not succeeding.

I had a phone call from Nigeria today, +2347030885808, it was a lady, we excnahged 3 hellos then I asked who it was and the phone was put down. I originally hung up without answering as I can't answer calls in work, then I had a quick opportunity to answer and that happened. Still none the wiser to who it was/is/could be. Anybody any ideas on the culprit? Didn't think so.

Well, best get back to this rubbish data and see what happens. Maybe move to November soon, doing that makes the year go faster. Halloween soon, wonder what I'll get up to this year... something to think about whilst I'm bored.

Oh, looks like this could be a transfer... watch this space.

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