Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Slow, slower and slowest

This is really slow work day. At least the next time I stop dialling it will be home time. Unless I pause momentarily to get some water, that won't be home time. Best not stop to get water then otherwise I'll get my hopes up that it's home time; that would be disappointment. Instead I may have to die of thirst... love an exaggeration.

The sea that is my thoughts is now considerably more tranquil than the last time I wrote a blog. So that's good news if anything.

Very much looking forward to going home. Home. Tea. Gym. Bath. Bed. I do like to relax on a Wednesday evening. Plus I've been uber tired recently so I think a decent film and a good nights sleep would be just what the doctor ordered. Speaking of doctor...

I've been back again regarding my migraines. Told hormonal-type medicines are a no go as they just make them worse but the lack of migraines means I don't need constant treatment for them which is a super thing to hear. Hopefully won't be getting any more migraines now.

Got an hour until I'm able to go home. Feels like this hour is going to drag out to the abyss.

I'm counting down the days until I've got some time off work. Twenty two sleeps to go which seems like a life time today. Least we're on Wednesday. Keep reassuring myself it's nearly the weekend, this is helpful. Got a lovely Saturday planned too which will be awesomely good I hope.  I would like it to be awesomely good. Who wouldn't. Christmas markets and lots of meat. We're going to Bem Brasil.

Going to whack out the sparkly shoes next week. Get them worn in for my Sister's wedding, got two weeks to do it. Reduce the risk of blisters on the day. Nobody wants that. Although I expect I'll take them off at some point and become exceedingly merry as the day progresses. Pass out under a table and hope for the best, after the meal of course. Nobody wants to face plant their soup. That would make an awful mess all over my prettiful dress. I did not mean that to rhyme.

Anyway, half an hour left and then I'll be on my way home. Hopefully not stuck in two hours worth of traffic, it will ruin my beautiful well thought out plans... yeah right! haha.

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